Sabtu, 13 September 2014

janis joplin mercedes benz

Mercedes has a brand new supercar named the Mercedes SLS. With starting rates of around 180,000 dollars it is priced to compete directly with all the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and of course Aston Martin. Besides all the usual overall performance evaluations there is one element this car has and that the other ones do not - the gullwing Mercedes is back.

 Enjoyment: well, there's a 6.2 liter engine in the front offering a rumble to match nearly anything to leave Detroit. With over five hundred and fifty horsepower the Mercedes SLS is an entertaining drive even when the handling was poor. Luckily that's definitely not the case. It is poised, agile and although its feels pretty rigid on the roads the combination of engine of handling provides a wonderful drive. The Mercedes SLS GT3 - which is basically the sports edition - provides even greater handling.janis joplin mercedes benz

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