Sabtu, 13 September 2014

mercedes benz manhattan

This luxury pod enjoys the power of a 2.2. litre diesel engine as the ideal foundation for features such as Active Body Control externally and climate control inside to provide a supremely comfortable ride.   With such ease of travel facilitated by the Viano, you will look for new destinations to explore. mercedes benz manhattan
For the ultimate in inspiration, the opulence of the 4-seat Viano Ambiente provides you with the means to go beyond your imagination.   Hand-stitched Conelly and Italian leather seats, a quilted roof and relaxation from dual-view television screens and reclining seats are all about the journey not the destination.
Nowhere is Super car hire better epitomised than through a brief encounter with the SLS AMG Coupe.  This is because the Mercedes Benz 300 SL of its bloodline was the first car to incorporate the iconic gull-wing door concept.  Today you can experience the heir of the ‘Sports Light’ label through the SLS AMG Coupe and feel the racing heritage at your fingertips.  Its elongated bonnet, assertive front profile, and rakish side silhouette offer a retro remembrance of the original sports car with twenty-first century engineering and dynamics.
Seated in the red nappa leather sports seats your interface with the 571 bhp of power and 650 Nm of torque provides the ultimate answer to your need for speed.  Whether you want to celebrate an achievement or milestone, this is the reward you are seeking.  Feel the prowess that comes with being in the driver’s seat and take to the open road, or get motivated to soak up some track-side excitement.

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