Sabtu, 13 September 2014

mercedes benz of boerne

Mercedes Benz loudspeakers are available for these versions:
Mercedes E-class (W124)
Mercedes E Class (W210)
Mercedes C Class (W203)
Mercedes C Class (W202)

Speakers for Mercedes E-class (W124): These speakers are designed by the Rainbow Audio Components (RAC) IQ speakers manufacturers. The installation is done in the factory locations. These Speakers are especially deigned only for this E-class (W124). mercedes benz of boerne
IQ231182 Front Speakers for Mercedes E-class (W124):
The front speakers contain 2 way Coax speakers with a sub- woofer. These front speakers are located in the dashboard.
Front speakers are comprised of:
2 way speakers output with a length of 120 mm.
4.75" height with high efficiency woofer capacity of 4 ohm and with a maximum power of 100 watts.

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